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"The Chosen": pray for future television broadcasts

As incredible as it may seem, France was the first country in the world to broadcast The Chosen on national channels. It's miraculous that Canal+ and C8 have decided to do so to this day.

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“The Chosen”: Pray for social media to be widely used

We observe that despite the great notoriety of The Chosen series, we forget to make it known on our various social networks. I speak for myself of course, but I am not the only one! Social networks are amplifiers of information,

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Let's give thanks to God for "The Chosen"

Let's give thanks to God for the people who through "The Chosen" discover or rediscover Jesus. Nesrina, of Muslim origin, received the love of Jesus, and bears witness to it in this excerpt:

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Pray for funding for The Chosen

Unlike all commercial series, financed by producers who then recover dividends, “The Chosen” is a series entirely financed by donations from individuals, and which does not seek to recover dividends. THE

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Pray for the ambassadors of "The Chosen"

The Chosen is much more than a TV series. It is an incredible tool for evangelism and discipleship.

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“The Chosen”: pray for the broadcast of episode 2 of season 2 tonight on Youtube

On December 17, 2022, season 2 of "The Chosen" was broadcast in French on the C8 channel. What is the finding? Unfortunately, not everyone was able to watch this broadcast.

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Pray for the impact of the series "The Chosen" in the Francophonie

For a week we will pray that the series “The Chosen” will impact not only our country, but also the entire Francophonie.

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Season 2 of The Chosen series is finally coming to DVD!

Season 2 The Chosen, broadcast last December on C8, is finally available on DVD. Nearly 7 hours of program (8 episodes) on 3 DVDs at €19,99, to be found on the Saje Distribution store.

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InfoChrétienne, The Chosen, #OnEstEnsemble...: support the activities of IC News

By donating to IC News, you can support one of the many activities offered to you through this news organization. Activities which, we hope, are for many of you a source of blessings!

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In spirit and in truth!

Today we continue our special series The Chosen, this time with the testimony of the Samaritan woman who had met Jesus at the well. As always, at the end I will end with a word of encouragement. I leave you with his testimony.

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