An evening in Saint-Denis on March 24: using sport to mobilize the churches around the proclamation of the Gospel with Go+ France!

The Go+ France association, bringing together several associations and national church movements, will organize an evening, this Friday, March 24, 2023 in Paris, under the theme of "How can we use the Rugby World Cup and the Olympic and Pa

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Podcast of the More Than Sports Christian movement: finding the balance between integrity, volunteering and family when you are involved in a club

The Décrassage team gives the floor to Christian Gnao-Guei, president of FC Saint-Louis Neuweg, to discuss his commitment and the values ​​of his semi-professional football club.

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New episode of the More Than Sports Christian movement podcast: Charlotte testifies to her fight against anorexia

This week, the Décrassage team tackles a thorny subject, too little mentioned in the media: anorexia nervosa and burn-out that strike high-level athletes.

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Pelé, the world's first and greatest superstar

Pelé, the world's first footballing superstar, has died at the age of 82. For many fans, the Brazilian will be remembered as the best football player of all time and, what's more, the ultimate symbol of professional football.

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Olivier Giroud, "his religious convictions push him to love everyone"

As a Christian, Olivier Giroud finds himself in spite of himself at the heart of a political recovery according to his relatives who affirm in the columns of Parisian that he is of "total political neutrality" and that his faith pushes him.

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"It's God's plan": Olivier Giroud speaks after the victory of the Blues against England

By winning their match against England on Saturday, the Blues won their ticket to the semi-finals of the World Cup. On this occasion, Olivier Giroud once again distinguished himself by scoring the winning goal at the end of the game. D

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Bukayo Saka may be Golden Shoe, but the main thing for him is to keep his Christian faith

Bukayo Saka, who is playing in his first World Cup, says his Christian faith is essential.

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Athlete's wife: a shadow role deciphered in the podcast of the Christian movement More Than Sports

The Décrassage team invited Fanny, wife of a former professional handball player, captain of the DRC national team, and Elisabeth, wife of a former professional footballer who played

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Armband in support of homosexuals in Qatar: Christian athletes offer food for thought

The current Football World Cup sees the meeting of a vision harshly penalizing homosexuality and that of LGBT demands to which players are encouraged to make room. In Qatar, homosexuals incur seven years in prison, see

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Olivier Giroud crowned top scorer in the history of the Blues, fingers pointing to the sky

Sunday, December 4, Olivier Giroud scored the 52nd goal of his career, overtaking Thierry Henry as the top scorer for the France team.

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