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DRC: Children extract cobalt from our smartphones with their bare hands

“My mom is already dead and I have to work all day and my head hurts.”

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The question of the return of Jesus by the theologian John Piper

The question that is debated is rather that of the moment of the second coming of Jesus.

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The whole creation sighs… an ecological and Christian view of our world

We could quickly be "overwhelmed" or "drowned" by making an exhaustive list of all the ecological issues facing our humanity.

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Teenage girl kidnapped by traffickers finds freedom after praying

“I prayed and prayed again that you would come, and you did come.”

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Apple, 16, mother of two and prostitute in the Philippines

“A lot of girls die because of what customers do. It's dangerous."

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Artificial intelligence and pandemics… The dark “prophecies” of Bill Gates and Elon Musk

For Elon Musk, man will have to merge with the machine to survive.

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The story of beloved David, born with Down's syndrome, autism and deaf in a Christian home

What place in our society and in our hearts for the disabled?

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Ashton Kutcher's shocking plea against child pornography

On Wednesday February 15, he upset the Senate in Washington, delivering a moving plea, recalling his unfailing commitment and imploring "the end of modern slavery and child trafficking".

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Africa: a rejected albino teenager finds peace in Jesus: “God made me beautiful! "

“I think he made me feel like I'm really beautiful. Thanks my God. I bless your name. »

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Evangelicals and Politics: An Impossible Equation?

“Evangelical Protestants and political engagement. Analyzes of some anthropological data. ”

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