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Are we living in an era of uprisings?

How can a majority and legitimately democratic movement bend the neo-liberal intransigence of a government? This is the topical question in France.

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What image education in the age of social networks?

In a world saturated with images, there is an urgent need for our responses to them to go beyond the emotional.

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Pension reform, the importance of the sincere search for the common good

The adoption without a vote of the postponement of the retirement age adds to the anger when a majority of French people already considered the project as unfair, in particular because unemployment hatches careers. They do not feel listened to and n

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"The end of life is still life": the CPDH reacts to the call of the 109 "personalities" for euthanasia

The Evangelical Protestant Committee for Human Dignity (CPDH) reacts to the publication of a forum of personalities who wish, by this approach, to put pressure on the government to accelerate on the question of the end of life.

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Despite inflation, the French continue to give to associations

Despite inflation, the French continued to send money to charities in 2022, an increase in donations linked in particular to the crisis in Ukraine. But the main collectors remain worried as the needs explode to help the p

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La Tilma: highlighting mothers

This Friday, March 10, the third child-mother fashion show of the La Tilma association took place in Vannes. A unique event to celebrate motherhood.

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Transhumanists: who are they?

The craze around the conversational agent ChatGPT fuels the debate on the role of emerging technologies in the evolution of humanity. Should they help transcend human limitations? What social project does this imply? These quests

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Internal accusations of manipulation of the debate at the Citizens' Convention on the end of life

On February 19, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) released the results of the votes of the Citizens' Convention on End of Life

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Yes, young people are still reading. But differently!

Since the 1990s, there have been many questions about the reading practices of young people, deploring that they turn less to this hobby than previous generations. It is at the entrance to college that a dropout would occur: the declared number of

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Senate resolution to fight pornography receives support from French evangelicals

The French Senate passed a resolution, calling on the government to make the fight against pornography "a public policy priority". Evangelicals welcome this proposal and invite them to continue their efforts in this conspiratorial struggle.

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Summary of news from March 31, 2023

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