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Pray ... for your sex life

Is it legitimate to pray for your sex life, including when motherhood is exhausting? Perspectives with two therapists, also mothers. Folder

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What is intercessory prayer?

Intercessory prayer plays an important role in faith. Reflections on the merits of this approach and advice for living it well. The benefits of self-centered prayer Intercessory prayer helps us escape the iron circle of ego

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Correct, but not just any old way

Marie-Thérèse Courtet is a graduate in Christian counseling and she wrote “Helping the child in his needs through prayer” (Ed. CLC). A few points to keep in mind.

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Grand parents ? Here are 10 keys to praying with your grandchildren

Praying with one's grandchildren is sometimes smiling at their childish requests, sometimes seeking a little discipline and sometimes being deeply moved by their sincerity.

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How to make children want to pray? Here is Billy Graham's answer!

We all want our children to know Jesus and agree to follow him throughout their lives. But it is often difficult. Billy Graham had the little children very much at heart and he did not forget them in his preaching, even though his great ca

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Silent retreats to dialogue with God

They have a busy agenda, they like to talk. And yet, they have chosen to stop to “retreat” and enter the time of silence. Portrait

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Can we tell God everything?

God is not angry to hear us say the bottom of our thoughts, of our distress, as long as we come to him in a spirit of adoration and respect. It is rather the lack of frankness that disturbs our relationship with him. A meditation on

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The fear of disappointment should never stop us from praying

"All the winners have tried their luck" - this slogan was that of the Française des Jeux. This has a priori little to do with the spiritual life. And yet. "All those who are granted have tried...". The fear of disappointment

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Why "I pray for you" is one of the most powerful things you can say to someone

What the Bible says about praying for others:

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The Our Father: Beyond the most famous prayer, a gold mine to rediscover!

It is by far the best known prayer. Common to all Christian denominations, it punctuates the celebrations and, seen from the outside by an uninitiated public, could be considered as a sort of mantra. Yet the Our Father continues

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