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State affair: infiltration of churches by the FBI and complaint against the US Department of Justice

A Catholic advocacy group and a legal organization monitoring government activities filed a lawsuit in late April against the US Department of Justice after the FBI put Catholics under surveillance

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"I refused to renounce Jesus as the Son of God. They started beating me": A Christian testifies to the persecution

"They broke into the house, shouting that I had blasphemed against the Islamic religion and trying to force me to confess that Jesus is not the Son of God, and that Allah is the only God to worship and Muhammad is his prophet."

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At least 50 churches burned or destroyed, many Christians dead in violence in India

In Manipur state, ethnic clashes have led to the death of at least 52 people, including many Christians.

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He had fought to recover his daughter kidnapped in Pakistan, Hoorab's father was murdered

According to Naveed Walter, president of Human Rights Focus Pakistan, it could be revenge for bringing those responsible for Hoorab's kidnapping to justice.

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Student murdered for sharing his Christian faith in Uganda

"After 30 minutes I rushed to the scene and found it was Jeremiah's room. Inside the room was a pool of blood."

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11 days, 11 communities attacked in Nigeria

"These attacks are another attempt to reintroduce the era of violence and crises that have been largely contained thanks to the government's huge investment in security, peacebuilding and reconciliation."

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Mel Gibson calls for release of American Christian 'wrongfully detained' in China

"Mark Swidan was unjustly and illegally imprisoned by the Chinese for almost 11 years. He faces the death penalty, he is a man of great faith, an American patriot, and he refuses during his captivity to renounce his faith or to his country."

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In Nigeria, this pastor and 134 Christians were killed in one week

In Nigeria, the leader of a church whose pastor was killed denounces a "hunt for Christians".

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103 Christians arrested in Eritrea

103 Christians have just been arrested in Eritrea and taken to Mai Serwa prison.

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Baptist pastor sentenced to 6 years in prison in Myanmar for denouncing atrocities

The former president of the Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC), Rev. Dr. Hkalam Samson, has been sentenced to six years in prison by a court in Myanmar.

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