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"Infidels": Christians injured in the attack on their church in Sudan

Five Christians were called infidels and shot and wounded in the attack on the Coptic Orthodox Church of Omdurman in Sudan.

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Two Christian teenagers charged with blasphemy in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Adil Babar, 18, and Simon Nadeem Masih, 14, are accused of naming a puppy after the Prophet of Islam.0

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In Nigeria, the kidnapping of a priest raises the "deep concern" of a Christian organization

Father Kingsley Maduka, parish priest in Imo State, southeastern Nigeria, was abducted on May 19 while on his way to a newly built chapel.

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Arthur Kenneth Elliott, "the doctor of the poor", freed after 7 years of captivity

"We want to thank God and everyone who has continued to pray for us. We express our relief at his release and thank the Australian Government and all those who have contributed to his release over time."

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Persecuted for refusing to apostatize, Iraqi Christians can work again thanks to an NGO

Since the fall of dictator Saddam Hussein, Iraqi Christians live more in fear of injustice because of their faith. The ecumenical NGO International Christian Concern bears witness to the plight of two Christian homes it helped

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Nicaragua: "voluntary" closure of a Catholic university

A Nicaraguan Catholic university dependent on the Archdiocese of Managua, training priests and religious, has requested its "voluntary dissolution" and this has been approved by the authorities, the Official Journal announced on Thursday.

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Accused of blasphemy in Pakistan, Musarrat Bibi has just been released on bail

For the Bishop of the Anglican Church of Pakistan, Azad Marshall, “the allegation itself is nothing short of a death warrant, and we continue to pray for their safety.”

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Leah Sharibu celebrates her 20th birthday in captivity: "I know that one day God will answer and save my daughter", says her mother

Leah was just 14 when she was abducted from her school in Dapchi, Nigeria. She is now 20.

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Eleven of the Christians kidnapped during a service in Nigeria in early May have been freed by their captors

On April 7, armed men entered a Baptist church during worship and managed to take 25 Christians prisoner. Since then, some have been released.

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In Pakistan, the delirious crowd lynched to death a Muslim cleric accused of blasphemy

Recently, a Muslim religious leader was killed by an angry mob after he complimented a political candidate by comparing him to Muhammad.

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