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Russia: First fines for Christians sharing their faith "outside the walls"

The first sanctions were not long in coming. Four Christians have already been sentenced for "conducting missionary activity in violation of the law on religion".

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A Syrian Christian village resists Daesh: "He will not fall, with the grace of God"

The Syrian Christian town of Mhardeh is the scene of heavy fire from the Al-Nosra Front, but the inhabitants have organized resistance by arms and well-established logistics.

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12 dead in double kamikaze attack in Pakistan, Christians and justice targeted

Friday, September 2, 2016, a double attack claimed by the Jamaat-ul-Ahrar group, targeting justice and Christians in northwestern Pakistan, killed 12 people.

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Opening of the appeal trial of the imprisoned Kabyle Christian following a Facebook post

Discover the courage of this Kabyle Christian supported by Amnesty International, opposing Algerian laws, curbing freedom of expression and religious freedom.

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1400 Assemblies of God, seized or demolished by the Cuban government

In recent years, violations of religious freedoms have increased dramatically in Cuba. But the Cuban ADDs have paid a heavy price in this first quarter of 2016.

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Martin Scorsese to bring persecution of Christians in XNUMXth-century China to screen soon

Martin Scorsese is currently finalizing the adaptation of a book retracing the journey of two Jesuit priests in search of a persecuted bishop in XNUMXth century China.

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Algeria: Christian sentenced to 5 years in prison for a post on a social network

An Algerian Christian has just been sentenced to 5 years in prison - the maximum sentence - as well as a heavy fine for having published on a social network a post deemed blasphemous against Islam and its prophet.

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Attack: a slaughtered priest and several victims in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray

Two men took a priest and 4 faithful hostages in a church near Rouen in the morning. They came in during mass, armed with edged weapons, and slit the priest's throat. A sister managed to escape and notify the police. I

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Ban on public witness in Russia: The European Evangelical Alliance issues an urgent call to prayer

Usually very measured in their words, the European evangelical authorities launch an urgent call to prayer - a sign of the gravity of the situation in Russia. This new law purely and simply suspends absolutely ALL activi

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Colombia: soon less insecurity for Christians?

Abused, dispossessed, murdered for decades, will the agreement signed in June finally bring some peace to Colombian Christians?

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