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43 Nigerian Christians dead in attack on their village

On May 11, the village of Takalafiya in Nasarawa State, Nigeria was attacked by Fulani herders, sources told Morning Star News. 43 people died, the church was destroyed, houses were burned down.

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Nouman Ashgar is sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Nouman Ashgar, 24, who had been accused of blasphemy with his cousin Sunny Mushtaq, has just been sentenced to death for blasphemy.

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In China, a forbidden house church is looted by the police

The organization ChinaAid deplores the fact that "whenever Christians refuse to register with an atheist government, the Communist Party treats them like animals".

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Discovering his Christian faith, a husband deprives his wife of food and abandons her in a park to be devoured by wild animals

"My husband came back from work and called me, and I didn't answer because I was sound asleep. He opened the door and found me with my Bible and a notebook on my chest. . He shouted: 'Allahu Akbar'."

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In Pakistan, a priest frees slaves from brick factories

There are 50 million modern slaves in the world today. 2,3 million of them live in Pakistan, which represents 1 in 100 inhabitants of this South Asian country.

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He thought Christians were a 'cursed people' but one encounter will change everything

"I decided maybe there was some good in Jesus. I always knew the Bible was corrupt and Christians were cursed, but maybe there was some good in Jesus. ."

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In North Korea, a baby was imprisoned for life for possession of the Bible by his family

Pyongyang is mostly in the news because of its aggressive behavior in international relations. On the domestic scene, Kim Jong-un follows in the footsteps of his father and his grandfather in particular repressing believers

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Denounced by an informant in North Korea, 5 Christians are arrested by the police

In North Korea, five Christians were arrested on April 30 by police as they gathered to read the Bible and pray.

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Pregnant, she is beaten by the police in Pakistan: "My attackers accused me of being a Christian"

"As soon as they saw me, the police officers led by Ijaz started hurling abuse and curses at me."

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A police officer opens fire in a Christian school in Pakistan: two students killed, five others injured

"He is a murderer, arrested with the murder weapon. I promise the parents that we will meet the demands of justice. Our hearts are sad."

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