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Stoned, the relatives of a Christian who died in India must abandon her coffin on the road during a funeral procession

Relatives of a deceased Christian had to wait for police protection so they could finally bury her in their own garden.

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Between Niger and Burkina Faso, Christians suffer violence from jihadists, but their churches remain full

"We live with fear in our stomachs, but we move forward together with Christ who gives us his word that consoles us every day. Despite the situation, our faith is increasing, our churches are full every Sunday for prayer."

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When Iraqi Christians were safer under Saddam Hussein, despite the dictatorship

This Tuesday, March 21 marked the twentieth anniversary of the outbreak of the second Gulf War which would lead to the fall of the bloodthirsty dictator Saddam Hussein and plunge Iraq into a torment from which it is struggling to recover.

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1 in 7 Christians persecuted: Vatican reminds UN that religious freedom is 'one of the minimum conditions for a dignified way of life'

The Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations spoke about religious freedom in Geneva during the 52nd session of the Human Rights Council.

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In Nazareth, a machine-gunned Christian school

“We view this event with severity, because convents and Christian schools have always been outside the vicious circle of violence that plagues Arab society. It is a miracle that there was no victim in this incident and that

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Chained by her husband, a Christian receives electric shocks in a psychiatric hospital

"She continues to live in anguish. I fear for her safety and pray that she can find refuge outside her home so she can have peace of mind and grow in her newfound faith."

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Abducted, raped and forcibly married Christian teenager denies converting to Islam in Lahore High Court and can join her family

"The next day the guy who raped me brought a bearded man to record the nikah. I told them I was a Christian and refused to repeat the Arabic verses."

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The rape followed by the assassination of a Christian child which mobilizes the Pakistani police

On March 12, the acid-corrupted body of Adan Masih was found on a playground in Pakistan. The eight-year-old Christian child was sexually abused before he was murdered as he went out to buy sweets.

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Risk of "Islamist-motivated attack" against places of worship in Austria

"Our intelligence services have reason to believe that an Islamist-motivated attack is planned in Vienna. As a precautionary measure, hotspots have been placed under increased surveillance by regular police forces

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An Iranian Christian denounces the torture of strip-searching in detention

"We had to undress and the jailer searched our bodies with her hands. Each time, I felt terrible."

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