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"Christian Netflix": Father Matthieu Jasseron launches Theostream

Father Matthieu Jasseron launched the "Theostream" streaming platform to find Christian content published on social networks and answer Internet users' questions about the faith.

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New Optical Center ad links human dignity to God

Optical Center launched a new advertisement at the beginning of March which displays a message of hope and humanism. What sets it apart from other commercial messages that associate their products with solidarity or a strong connection is the choice of brand.

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#deinfluencing: when internet users say no to influencers!

Influencers have largely invested the digital sphere over the past ten years. With the rise of digital social networks such as TikTok, YouTube or even Instagram, they have acquired large audiences, from a few thousand to several

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Christian app tops TikTok, Spotify, Netflix and Instagram in AppStore

"God is doing something quite amazing. We never thought in a million years that we could have so many people around the world gathered together in prayer. To be in the top 5 of the App Store is truly amazing. God be praised!"

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Meditatio, the first Christian meditation app

Launched in October 2021, Meditatio is an exception in the vast catalog of applications dedicated to mediation since it is a Christian application. Inspired by the meditative tradition dear to Christianity, between meditation of

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"Jesus always wins!" : discover Susan's story, at 77 she recognizes "Jesus as Messiah and Lord of her life"

On January 22, Susan was baptized in the Protestant church The Angel Church in London. After growing up in a Jewish family and then becoming an agnostic, this 77-year-old lady finally chose to recognize Jesus as her Sei

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The Christian Film platform becomes Saje+

Since yesterday, the platform allowing you to watch Christian films online, aka Le Film Chrétien has changed its name and logo to become Saje+. The video-on-demand and subscription service offered by Saje distribution remains the m

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Super Bowl Ad Campaign Promotes Jesus

Two commercials broadcast during the Super Bowl, an unmissable sporting event in the United States which took place on Sunday February 12, promoted Jesus Christ.

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Fighting Anti-Semitism: Teaching the Holocaust in the Age of Twitter and TikTok

In the age of the Internet, anti-Semitic remarks and Holocaust denial speech no longer circulate only in marginal hate groups but are exposed to everyone on social networks. High-profile figures like Ye – formerly known as

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"Lord Jesus I bless you, how not to praise you": the Christian song that seduces TikTok

“When I look around me, I see your glory Lord Jesus, I bless you”. The Catholic song “How not to praise you? is enjoying growing success on the TikTok social network. It has been taken over by tens of thousands of users.

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