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The green ray of Strasbourg Cathedral will not be resurrected

The State has no obligation to restore the green ray of Strasbourg Cathedral, which illuminated on the days of the equinox a Christ in stone, obstructed since the renovation of a stained glass window, the administrative court of Strasbourg ruled on Friday.

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Father Matthieu, French priest on e-mission

Homosexuality "is not a sin", how to "condemn" abortion?, a trans person "remains a child of God"... Matthieu Jasseron, an iconoclastic French country priest, invaded social networks with a " mission": answer "without judging"

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Ethical variations: who are the evangelicals of France?

The evangelical galaxy represents a large part of Protestantism. Are the movements that accompany Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro representative of this Christianity? Who are the evangelicals of France?

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Pope Francis celebrates 10 years of pontificate

The Argentinian Jesuit Jorge Bergoglio became on March 13, 2013 the 266th pope, head of the Roman Catholic Church, succeeding the German Benedict XVI, the first pope to resign since the Middle Ages.

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Debate evening on March 4: domestic violence in evangelical churches

As part of the launch of Murielle's book According to "Domestic violence in evangelical churches", an evening debate hosted by Valérie Duval-Poujol in partnership with the association "A place for them" will take place on March 4th.

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United States: A spiritual revival is underway at a Christian university in Kentucky

The students of Asbury Christian University have a habit of gathering every Wednesday in the auditorium to spend spiritual times. Only, last Wednesday, when the celebration ended, hundreds of young people remained

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The Christian Film platform becomes Saje+

Since yesterday, the platform allowing you to watch Christian films online, aka Le Film Chrétien has changed its name and logo to become Saje+. The video-on-demand and subscription service offered by Saje distribution remains the m

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Southern Baptist Convention official under fire for sexual Twitter post

While the Southern Baptist Convention is still reeling from the revelation of sexual abuse after requesting an investigation by an independent firm, one of its executive committee members recently posted a message with sexual content.

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Fire of churches in Paris: a man placed in police custody and then hospitalized

A man was taken into police custody in Paris on Wednesday, suspected of having started a fire in front of a church in the XNUMXth arrondissement of Paris on the same day, before being admitted to the psychiatric infirmary on Thursday, the prosecutor's office said.

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What is the ideal length of a sermon?

How long should a sermon last? Pope Francis recently criticized overly long homilies, which he compares to lectures. According to him, it is important to refocus on the way in which the message is prepared and communicated, the ideal duration of which

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