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Are celebrity Christian book endorsements genuine? “No”, replies an editor

It is a stone in the pond that threw Katelyn Beaty, writer and publishing director in a Christian house. She denounces a practice bordering on self-esteem and consisting in recommending a Christian book even before it is written

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"Reste Un Peu", finally available on DVD and VOD!

The film Reste Un Peu, directed by Gad Elmaleh and released in cinemas in November 2022, is finally available for sale on DVD or VOD on Saje+. This autofiction in which Gad Elmaleh recounts his journey of faith brought together no less than 500 spectators

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Month of the Bible: a conference in Paris around the book "Is the Bible sexist?"

“Is the Bible sexist?” is the title of the book by Valérie Duval-Poujol published in 2021 and the subject of the conference organized by the Protestant bookstore 7ici, Saturday March 18 in Paris.

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Rewrite children's books or educate children? The example of Roald Dahl

Although many of his best-known books date from the 1960s, Roald Dahl is still one of the most popular children's authors today. The recent decision by publisher Puffin, in collaboration with The Roald Dahl Story Company

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Celebrate Saint Joseph on March 19

On the occasion of Saint Joseph, which will take place this Sunday, March 19, 2023, Saje distribution invites you to discover a documentary dedicated to him: Cœur de Père.

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21 centuries after Jesus Christ, the Bible is still revealed

Twenty-one centuries after Jesus Christ, somewhere in the South, Marion Muller-Colard invites three people to discover a text of the Bible of which they know nothing.

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“My faith… Loyalty”, a Protestant Presence program to discover in replay

In 1985, Balavoine sang: "The love of everything releases the secret, and faced with all those who devour you, to love is stronger than to be loved". Fidelity, Faith, Love...return to these essential questions.

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An E-cinema session to (re)discover: "It won't be our last Christmas!"

Last December, Saje distribution invited us to discover on the screens the Spanish musical and family comedy "It will not be our last Christmas".

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"Claire loves or the joy of living on DVD and VOD

"Claire Aime ou la joie de vivre" is the new documentary directed by Steven and Sabrina Gunnell (Eternam / Gaspard soldier of love).

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Protestant presence: worship with the Evangelical Church of Lannion

Every month, on the 4th Sunday of the month, on Présence Protestante, a service allows you to discover a Protestant assembly from France or Europe and to share with it a time of praise and teaching. And these cults are also a journey through the in

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