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The Federal Republic of Germany has just recognized the Armenian Genocide of 1915

Moral recognition for the millions of Armenian survivors. An annoyance for the current Turkish Government which pressed the Chancellor to the end.

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Launch of the SURVIVORS movement: June 4, 2016

With 220 abortions for 000 births, our generation is deprived of one fifth of its limbs each year. Being born after 800, we all had a 000 in 75 chance of not living.

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Congratulations to God, director and director of this magnificent outdoor spectacle!

Billionaire's whim or natural wonder? Who could have illuminated the waves of this beautiful beach? And how did he do it?

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Universal presents the album of Grégory Turpin, committed Christian

Who said that the major labels were reserved for secular music? Grégory Turpin, figurehead of the Credo label created by Universal to promote Christian-inspired music, is releasing his new opus on June 3.

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Islamophobic Europe? Ibrahim Issa, Egyptian journalist, says otherwise

This TV presenter gives his version of European "Islamophobia": London has chosen a Muslim mayor, it's a good civic act, while there is no Christian governor in Egypt.

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On June 1, pray for the children of Syria with Aid to the Church in Need (ACN)

Aid to the Church in Need invites all of us to pray for the children of Syria who have been specially mistreated for 5 years because of the war.

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Sino-Korean pastor brutally murdered after helping North Korean refugees

On Saturday April 30, 2016, the lifeless body of Sino-Korean pastor Han Choong Yeol was found, visibly mutilated by violent stab wounds and axes.

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Church of Scotland plans to allow baptisms and Communions online

The Church wishes to reverse the curve in the number of members, which has clearly fallen over the past ten years. The number has indeed fallen by a third since 2004.

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"Taybeh, the last Christian village in Palestine" awarded by l'Oeuvre d'Orient

On May 25, this book won the literary prize of the Work of the Orient, which each year rewards one or two books for the general public dealing with hope in the situation of Christians in the East.

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Louane, the young Caesarized singer and actress believes in God

"I'm not really that kind of girl who learns prayers and says them. If I need to talk to him, I tell him what's on my mind instead. »

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