Bishops express their “concern” about the risk of elimination of state medical aid for undocumented immigrants

Bishops express concern about the risk of elimination of state medical aid for undocumented immigrants

Several Catholic bishops expressed their "concern" on Thursday about the possibility of eliminating state medical aid (AME) intended for undocumented foreigners, calling for "respect for human dignity".

"We express our concern" at this possible deletion, voted by the Senate as part of the immigration bill, affirming in a joint declaration the bishops, while expressing their "relief" that the Law Commission of the National Assembly is returned to this provision.

“Providing help means allowing people a dignified life” and therefore “allowing them to live with their families, learning our language and respecting their legal and fundamental rights”, they add, while the project immigration law will be examined from Monday by the Assembly.

For them, “it is about respecting the dignity of the human person and their physical and mental health, it is about their ability to take part in the life of our country”.

“Everything must be done to provide relief and care to those who live in unworthy conditions near us, as is currently the case in Calais where distress continues to grow,” add the bishops.

The text is signed by the Bishop of Arras Olivier Leborgne who went on November 30 near a Calais camp being evacuated, as well as the bishops presidents of the Councils for the Universal Mission of the Church, Family and Society, Solidarity and Diakonia (Denis Jachiet, Bruno Feillet, Pascal Delannoy, Bruno Valentin and Hervé Gosselin).

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