Best-Of: the twittosphere reacts with humor to the election of Donald Trump


Donald Trump will therefore be the next President of the United States. On the hashtag #Trump, the tweets are full of creativity and humor to comment on the election result. We invite you to discover a few chosen from among French-speaking twittos, without any bias, just to smile together.

"The monkey that predicted Trump's victory is therefore more reliable than BFMTV..."

“Going from a nanny to hell in the White House, not even the Mayans saw it coming. "

“16 years before, the simpsons had seen it all! "

"After 11/9 arrives on 9/11, the United States should change their emergency number"

“50 years after the death of Walt Disney, the USA elects a president named Donald. And it's not even funny. "

"So we live in the space-time continuum where Biff won..."

“First lesson in journalism: don't take your desires for reality. "

“One day, journalists will have to remember that their (our) job is to tell the world as it is, and not as they dream it. "


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