In Pakistan, a Christian colony is violently attacked after accusations of blasphemy


Bishop Azad Marshall speaks on Twitter of burning, desecration, torture and harassment against the Christian community of Jaranwala.

On social networks, photos and videos bear witness to the violence that erupted in the streets of a Christian settlement in Jaranwala, near Faisalabad. Yet, according to a local staff member of International Christian Concern, "what we see in the media is nowhere near reflecting the damage that has been done".

On August 16, "a virulent mob of Muslim extremists set fire to at least five churches and dozens of houses after accusing two Christians of having desecrated the Koran", as explained by SOS Chrétiens d'Orient.

according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, these actions follow an alleged charge of blasphemy against Rocky Masih and Raja Masih. International Christian Concern reports that a man entered a mosque, asking to attack the perpetrators of blasphemy. Then, the organization reveals that "thousands of Muslims came with truncheons, sticks and steel bars to attack Christian houses and churches".

Monsignor Azad Marshall, president of the National Council of Churches of Pakistan, spoke on Twitter under the #CryWithUs, cry with us, #PrayWithUs, pray with us. He speaks of fires, desecration, acts of torture and harassment.

“Words fail me as I write this. We bishops, priests and lay people are deeply saddened and distressed by the Jaranwala incident in Faisalabad district of Pakistan. A church building is being destroyed. being burned as I type this. Bibles have been desecrated and Christians have been tortured and harassed after being falsely accused of violating the Holy Quran. We call for justice and law enforcement action. and those who dispense justice and security to all citizens to immediately intervene and assure us that our lives are precious in our own homeland which has just celebrated independence and freedom."

More than 500 households have since fled three Christian colonies.


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