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Today, the Bible tells us this in the book of Proverbs, chapter 3 and verse 5: “Lean not on your understanding, but with all your heart put your trust in the Lord. »

Not always easy not to rely on your intelligence, when you are full of resources, when you have a good general knowledge, when you are cultured, when you have natural discernment. No doubt many times, these qualities help you enormously in your work, in your daily life and also in your relationships. You are characterized by your own intelligence, and by your type of intelligence!

The most serious studies note that there are at least 8 types of intelligences. My wife, who is a school mistress, confirms to me that at least 4 forms of intelligence are detected in children and are taken into consideration in their school development. These distinct forms of intelligence are found in the Bible.

1) Verbo-linguistic intelligence : this intelligence affects everything related to language, written or oral.

2) Logical-mathematical intelligence : people who have a developed logico-mathematical intelligence have the ability to think in an abstract way and to calculate, measure, but also to demonstrate logic.

3) Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence : this type of intelligence is related to physical skills or to using one's body. We find this intelligence in particular in athletes, dancers, but also surgeons or people who use their bodies to perform or maximize an action or a movement.

4) Spatial intelligence : this intelligence frequently found in artists is characterized by the ability to memorize and visualize images.

5) Intelligence interpersonal : people who have a lot of empathy are endowed with this intelligence. It helps to identify and understand what others are going through and allows an individual to act and react appropriately.

6) Musical-rhythmic intelligence : This type of intelligence is characterized by the ability to learn musical language as well as to think in rhythms and melodies.

7) intrapersonal intelligence : intrapersonal intelligence is centered on the interior and self-knowledge, holding the ability to decipher one's own emotions.

8) Naturalistic intelligence : those with naturalistic intelligence like to observe nature and the things around them. They and they also often have an ability to learn, classify and differentiate things into categories.

In which category do you fall? In which category do you place your children? It is so important to situate the child and to encourage him in what he is! Pedagogy today takes into account these different forms of intelligence and no longer disqualifies the child who is less versed in logico-mathematical intelligence for example!  

But back to the Bible. In the verse that interests us “Lean not on your intelligence”, the word intelligence encompasses all of these forms of intelligence! Do not lean on your intelligence, whatever its form, whatever it is, but put your trust in the Lord.

As for the great trajectories of your life, what I call the load-bearing walls of your house, it is essential not to rely on your intelligence, but rather to put your trust in the Lord. Or, let the Lord infuse your intelligence. Let him infuse the Holy Spirit into your mind! Let him develop in you a kind of spiritual intelligence, a guidance by the Holy Spirit! In trust and in fear. The confidence that: the projects He has for you are not projects of misfortune, but projects of happiness! The fear of the Lord: not an anxious fear, but a fear that emanates from deep respect! When you fear the Lord, all your fears fade away, but when you don't fear the Lord, all your fears come to the surface!

Joshua once found himself in a situation where he could have relied on his intelligence but made the choice to put his trust in the Lord. Joshua 3 tells us that he is there, facing the Jordan in flood, waiting for God's instructions before crossing. The directives to know when and especially how to cross this river in flood. After three days, the leaders of the people go throughout the camp and they give this order to the Israelites: “When you see the Levite priests carrying away the chest of the Covenant of the Lord your God, leave this place and follow them. So you will know which way to go. Indeed, you have never been there before. » 3 days to wait. Why 3 days? Does 3 days remind you of anything? To us who benefit from the new Alliance, 3 days tells us about the tomb. On the third day, the resurrection. 3 days to kill human plans and for the resurrection, the power of God to manifest. 3 days to kill the intelligence, the intelligence to build a bridge, while the Eternal wanted to act miraculously and separate the waters of the Jordan. Joshua had to let the Spirit of the Lord show the way. How hard it must have been not to think about natural means. For a man of war, God's strategy made no sense! Turn around the fortress, sound the trumpets and see the walls crumble… Ridiculous in the eyes of men, but the omnipotence of God for those who do not rely on their own plans.

Put your trust in the power of God. Adopt his strategy and you will see the fortresses that oppose you crumble. Take time for reflection. Let the Holy Spirit reveal his strategy to you. The Lord loves you, He wants to get you out of there, He wants to teach you. Let the Lord build your life. His plans have been ready for a long time, even before you were born, He had already thought of you and your life. Let him part the river to lead you into the promised land prepared for those who love him!

Be blessed.

gabriel alonso

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