Archaeology: discovery of a 6th century monastery in the United Arab Emirates


A Christian monastery has been discovered on the island of Siniyah in the United Arab Emirates.

A 1400-year-old Christian monastery has been discovered on the island of Siniyah, which is part of an emirate about XNUMX kilometers from Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

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For Timothy Power, associate professor of archeology at United Arab Emirates University, "the fact that something similar happened here 1 years ago is truly remarkable and it's a story worth telling. ".

According to the first examinations of experts, the samples found in the foundation of the monastery are dated between 534 and 656.

The monastery would consist of a church with a single nave, rooms that could contain baptismal fonts and an oven. Next to the monastery, a second building found could be the former home of a religious leader of this early church.

Siniyah Island Monastery is the second such monastery unearthed in the United Arab Emirates.


Image credit: Shutterstock/ Hypotographics

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