Andrea Bocelli sings Amazing Grace in Times Square


The Catholic tenor who sees music as "a form of prayer", sang Amazing Grace in Times Square for the release of his film.

On the occasion of the release of his film, "The Journey: A Music Special from Andrea Bocelli", Andrea Bocelli sang the famous Christian hymn Amazing Grace in Times Square.

The Catholic tenor who sees music as "a form of prayer" explains to the Christian post the objectives of his film.

“We learned so much about trust, trust in process, exercising faith, trusting in providence, and transforming fatigue into energy and positivity. We approached our journey with two main goals: the first to pay homage to these sacred places and the second to make music together, and the two objectives are strictly correlated because music is, in fact, a form of prayer."

In this intimate documentary, Andrea Bocelli travels on horseback, with his wife Victoria, the Via Francigena in Italy, a route once traveled by pilgrims in the footsteps of the apostles.

"For me, it was a moment, a very spiritual experience. I really hope that people who watch this film can find new hope and deeper faith," he says.


Image: Roberto Vivancos/

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