Alsace: an evangelical pastor sentenced to six months in prison for hitting his wife


Tuesday, January 3, an evangelical pastor residing in Strasbourg was sentenced to twelve months in prison, six of which are firm for domestic violence.

The facts were reported by the local newspaper les Latest News from Alsace (DNA). On the morning of December 29, a 52-year-old evangelical pastor beat his wife in front of their children.

Our DNA colleagues report that the pastor's wife had just refused him when the blows started to rain when he got out of the shower. She then went to take refuge in her children's room. The media Progress specifies that they are the ones who asked their father to stop his beatings.

The pastor was sentenced Tuesday, January 3 to twelve months in prison, including six months firm. “I lost control. I blew a fuse. I regret having gone that far,” he told the court.

Camille Westphal Perrier

Image credit: Shutterstock / Burning Bright / Courthouse, Strasbourg

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