ADED, association for sustainable development: How to give shape to international solidarity?


International solidarity: A popular term these days to describe 'the way in which inequalities and injustices are resolved in solidarity'. But how do you shape “international solidarity” as a development aid organization?

ADED is increasingly developing collaborative projects: we work hand in hand with our local partners and our beneficiaries on the design of projects that meet their real needs. In our view, international solidarity is synonymous with exchange and dialogue between communities and different parties, in order to develop mutual know-how and build lasting relationships of trust.

The actors of international solidarity must not place themselves as experts by presenting global solutions. On the contrary, local skills and knowledge are crucial to design for mutual learning. We need each other to provide solutions to the injustices and inequalities of this world which, if they cannot be provided overnight, are built over time.

Anne-Lize Hertgers, Coordinator

ADED is a member of the collective ASAH.

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