According to a study carried out in England, 76% of Christians would like to talk about their faith more often


The results of a study commissioned by London City Mission reveal that 76% of Christians would like to have more opportunities to share their faith with those who do not know Jesus. Following this survey, the organization invites Christians to step out of their comfort zone to share the Gospel with as many people as possible.

On November 20, Savanta, a polling company in the United Kingdom, publié the results of a study commissioned by London City Mission, a religious organization which aims to support London Christians in transmitting the Gospel. The objective of this survey is to analyze the level of confidence of practicing Christians when they share their faith.

First of all, this study shows that the majority of people questioned are aware of the importance of sharing their faith (89%). Additionally, 78% of Christians say they are confident when they bear witness to Jesus. 

Most Christians would like to do more to transmit the Gospel to non-believers

According to the document published by Savanta, Christians surveyed are more likely to share the Gospel with friends and family (42%) and their work colleague (37%), rather than with people from a different social background (30%) and marginalized people (20%).

Additionally, survey results reveal that 76% of practicing Christians would like to talk about their faith more often with people who are not Christians. Faced with these results, Efrem Buckle, deputy PDJ and director of training at the London City Mission, urges Christians to go out of their area to bear witness to the message of Christ. 

“This may be out of our comfort zone, but my advice is to start with just one person. There may be someone you see in your daily life who you can strike up a conversation with. [...] Let God keep our eyes open as we go about our routine and we will begin to notice those we may know, to begin to share God's love with."

The study also reveals the difficulties Christians face when sharing their faith. 26% say they are afraid of provoking negative reactions, while 19% believe that they should not impose their faith on others.

Jason Roach, director of ministries at the London City Mission, stresses that the difficulties of sharing the Gospel should not become a blockage for believers. He also recalls the importance for them of being encouraged in this mission. 

"The problem is clear, the need for action is obvious, but knowing exactly what to do in the heat of the moment can seem daunting and unusual. Christians are willing but need encouragement and reinforcement."

Melanie Boukorras 

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