Christian rap concert in church creates controversy


During an event organized by the Parole du Salut church in Paris from October 31 to November 4, an intervention by the artist Redflow caused controversy on social networks. His title "Bagarre" was described as "pagan" while other Christians supported the artist by recalling that "the church is a place of life where we express ourselves with our talents". 

The artist Redflow performed on stage in Word of Salvation church during the Convention of Refreshed and Freed Young People (COJERAF23) which took place from October 31 to November 4. She performed one of her songs, "Bagarre", the lyrics of which proclaim that "against hell it's a fight". 

Here is an extract from one of the verses from this title. 

"In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son and the Holy Spirit, evil recedes my faith grows as I pray. God still sits on his throne when the sky is gray. As in Jericho the walls crumble while I shout. Fight, against hell it's a fight." 

On November 14, a publication of the concert on the social networks of the Parole du Salut church created a controversy over Christian rap and its place in the church.

Two videos published by Eratakate and Speculo_s question the legitimacy of this type of concert in places of worship. 

Viewed by more than 4 million people, the videos have around 200 comments.

Some commentators wonder how churches can allow this type of event to take place, while others rebel against this "generation" and draw parallels with music that they consider to be "from the world". Other Christians defend Redflow by recalling that "the church is a place of life where we express ourselves with our talents", believing that the artist "makes us dance while explaining to us things of up".

Following this controversy, several artists from the Christian rap community spoke out. This is the case of the Psalmist, he published a video yesterday on his Instagram account, in which he claims that this controversy also comes from "non-Christians", who try to explain to Christians how they should praise God in their own churches. He denounces people who criticize Redflow's singing while they adhere to songs that advocate violence and "drugs". 


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The artist Redflow, for his part, reacted by posting several videos on his Instagram account. She declares that her music should not be misused to cause divisions, but rather to fight "against hell".


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The music video for “Bagarre” was released on November 3 and was praised by many artists such as Bigty, Illover and Kabeofficiel. 

Contacted by InfoChrétienne, Redflow did not wish to comment on this matter. For its part, the Parole du Salut church, which we also contacted, defended the artist, affirming that rap "is not a sin" but that it is, on the contrary, a "formidable tool of edification ".

"The Church must not be led by personal or cultural convictions, nor by verses taken out of context to make pretexts. A complete analysis of the Bible on the question of music, Evangelization or the century present allows us to confirm that rap in terms of musical style, not only is not a sin, but can be a wonderful tool for edification."

Melanie Boukorras 

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