A Christian judge on the Indian Supreme Court

A Christian judge on the Indian Supreme Court

On November 9, Christian judge Augustine George Masih was sworn in before the Indian Supreme Court. “Good news” for the largely minority Christian community in India.

Christian judge Augustine George Masih joined the Supreme Court of India on November 9. Thus becoming one of the 34 judges of the highest court of justice in the country.

According to Christian post, the 63-year-old judge, who has been practicing since 1987, has extensive experience in various areas of law, such as constitutional law, military law, labor law and civil law.

This appointment was hailed as "good news" by the Christian community which represents 2,3% of Indian population. According to UCA News, lawyer Thomas Franklin Caesar, defender of the rights of Dalits (formerly called the untouchables), spoke positively about this appointment. “One of our own at the highest level of the judiciary is good news,” Caesar said.

He stressed that Justice Masih, due to his extensive experience in practicing law, would have “a better understanding of the poor, oppressed and voiceless people.”

The national coordinator of the United Christian Forum, AC Michael, also welcomed the decision. He nevertheless believes that "religion does not matter when it comes to appointing a judge or any constitutional authority." “What matters is the sincerity and integrity of the person and not their faith,” he says.

Ce is not the first time that a Christian judge has served on the Supreme Court in India. Respected figures like Vivian Bose, KK Mathew, TK Thommen, KT Thomas, Vikramjit Sen, Cyriac Joseph, Kurian Joseph, R. Banumathi and KM Joseph have also served in this capacity.

Salma El Monser

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