At 105, he advises: "Remember that God is in control, you must have him with you"

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Discover life advice from a century-old farmer.

Earl Mallinger, 105, is the oldest sugar beet grower in Minnesota. Asked by the media about his secrets of longevity, the man does not fail to associate his faith with it.

“I like the fresh air for one thing and I like to see the crops grow and see what God has done,” he explains to Inforum, before clarifying, “a guy has to have a lot of faith when you have a little seed and you get a crop like this.”

À AGWeek, he also advises to remember that "God is in control".

“Remember that God is in control. You must have Him with you. Also, don't forget to stop and smell the roses. I didn't work much on Sundays and I still earned a good living. »

Although he is no longer working on his land, Earl Mallinger continues to make decisions for his business, and offers one last piece of advice:

“Keep moving forward, once you, once you stop moving, you go backwards pretty fast. »


Picture : Inforum

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