'We Believe Revenge Belongs to the Lord': Detained Chinese Christian's Wife Publishes Open Letter


A Chinese Christian accused of "organizing and supporting illegal gatherings" is being held in China.

Lin Xuesui is a Chinese Christian, detained after attending worship. He is accused by the Public Security Bureau of having "organized and supported illegal gatherings" in Sichuan. On July 22, he was officially arrested.

Before his arrest, he went to meet Christians in a remote area. Seeing that few people knew Jesus, he decided to stay there.

On August 20, his wife Li Chunqing published an open letter asking for prayer for her husband in detention. It is broadcast by International Christian Concern.

“Based on the relevant laws, it is not illegal for Christians to gather on Sundays, let alone constitute a crime! We believe vengeance belongs to the Lord. […] Please pray for Lin and may God lead him to be strong and healthy; even incarcerated, he can be filled with peace and joy. »


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