Uganda: two Christians beaten after interfaith meeting

Uganda two Christians beaten after defending their faith

Muslim extremists violently attacked two Christians after an interfaith meeting between Christians and Muslims in Nawaikoke. Both men were hospitalized, one of them suffering from a broken right leg.

Two Christians, Musa Kirongosa, 32, and Swidiki Buyinza, 27, were brutally attacked after attending an interfaith event, organized by Muslims, in Bulumba.

According to Morning Star News, during this meeting between Muslims and Christians on November 13, Musa Kirongosa affirmed that "the truth is only found in Jesus Christ as the one and only Savior for humanity."

Following their intervention, the two Christians were victims of an attack by Muslim extremists. The attackers also destroyed their motorcycle and tore up their Bibles and other Christian publications they had with them.

After the attack, both men were hospitalized, with Musa Kirongosa suffering a fracture to his right leg, requiring a five-day hospitalization, while Swidiki Buyinza was released after one night.

The victims, members of an unnamed church in Nawaikoke, decided to file a complaint against their attackers.

A relative of the two men protested to Morning Star News, saying it was a "shocking attack on religious freedom."

“Muslim extremists do not tolerate the sharing of Christian beliefs, even in peaceful dialogue.”

Salma El Monser

Image credit: Morning Star News

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