The Association of Christian Philosophers is organizing a conference on Credulity, Belief, Faith


Chaired by Jean-Noël Dumont, Association Christian philosophers is organizing a conference on Credulity, Belief, Faith to be held at the Center Sèvres (35 bis rue de Sèvres, 75006 Paris) on November 19.

Dn a multi-confessional approach that aims to be both philosophical and theological, it will be a question of hearing several conferences on this subject by Christians, both Catholics and Protestants, all committed by their profession in philosophical and theological reflection. What distinguishes religious belief from mere superstitious credulity? Are there "reasons to believe"? Is Faith Contrary to Reason? Has science succeeded in evacuating religious beliefs? Are “believing” and “having faith” the same thing? Is faith based on feeling? On a decision? Is it given by God? What to think of the mystical experience and what value to attribute to it?

Apologetic questions

These are all these apologetic questions that this colloquium proposes to address in order to help Christians deepen their understanding of the faith. A faith, in fact, which would not seek to "give reason for the hope which dwells in it" (I Peter 3:15) would undoubtedly be sufficient for salvation, but it would run the risk of not being able to be communicated. But how can we explain the hope that dwells in us without being able to produce an intelligible discourse also for non-believers?

This rational argument does not will not give faith

It is, of course, a question of clearly understanding that this rational argumentation will not give faith, for faith is a gift from God, and it alone is capable of producing persuasion of the heart, when God inclines and purifies it: in this sense, there will always be, in faith, something that goes beyond reason since it is not possible to produce faith by a rational speech, and that faith refers more to an existential attitude, that which consists in trusting God, than to a still partial and imperfect form of knowledge. But that does not mean that faith would be in the order of blind credulity is superstitious. This is the whole point of this conference to show that if faith is irreducible to reason, the latter nevertheless remains necessary to unmask unfounded beliefs, those which are based on simple superstitions or on a biased experience.

There is no doubt that the participants in this conference will emerge strengthened in their faith, and they will even be able to attend, in the wake, the conference of the theologian and pastor Henri Blocher on The new creation, which will take place at 18 p.m., at 30 rue de Sèvres!

Charles-Eric de Saint-Germain

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