Thanksgiving: 1000 meals distributed to families by a Church in North Carolina

Thanksgiving 1000 Families Fed by Lawndale Baptist Church

In a gesture inspired by the love of Jesus, Lawndale Baptist Church in Greensboro provided a Thanksgiving meal to 1000 families as part of its annual “Feeding the 5000” event.

On Thanksgiving, 1000 families converged on theLawndale Baptist Church from Greensboro, North Carolina, last Tuesday to participate in their annual event, titled “Feeding the 5000.” Inspired by the biblical story of Jesus feeding 5000 people, the church distributed Thanksgiving meals to families in need.

Each family received a frozen turkey, a $25 gift card for food supplies, and books.

A week before the event, the church announced the food distribution on its Facebook page, encouraging the community to participate:

"Just as Jesus fed the hungry and ministered to them, we are reaching out to the hungry in our community. We will be giving away a turkey to the first 1 families (limit 000 per family). Each bag will include a frozen turkey, a gift card Food Lion $1 for food and literature. Please do not arrive before 25 a.m.."

The pastor of the Church, Jimmy Jackson, declared to Christian post that this initiative was inspired by Jesus who "during his first ministry, fed more than 5 people", as stated in Matthew 000 verses 14 to 13.

“As Christians, we believe we must respond to the needs of our community and be a good neighbor, just as Jesus did and taught.”

Salma El Monser

Image credit: Facebook/ Lawndale Baptist Church

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