Russell Brand testifies about his personal relationship with God

Russell Brand says Jesus is becoming more important to him

British actor, Russell Brand, recently shared a video on social media, in which he explains why he wears a cross and shares his exploration of the Christian faith. He notably affirmed that Christ becomes more and more "important to him" and that he desires to have "a personal relationship with God".

In a 90-second video published on X (formerly Twitter), comedian Russell Brand spoke about his spiritual journey. In the post, titled "Why I Carry a Cross," he explained the growing importance of Jesus Christ in his life and his desire to establish a "personal relationship with God." 

"The reason I carry a cross is that Christianity, and especially the figure of Christ, becomes, to me, inevitably more important as I become more familiar with suffering, purpose, self and not-self ."

“It occurred to me that instead of always talking to myself internally, I could replace one of those voices with a God within,” Russell Brand continued.

The 48-year-old actor said he's been "reading the Bible a lot more." “I'm very interested to hear what you think because for me, my heart is open,” he said, inviting his followers to let him know what they thought in the comments.

American pastor Greg Laurie republished this video with a letter addressed to the actor. In which, he shares the good news of Jesus' sacrifice for salvation from sins and affirms that "Jesus radically changed his life."

"Hi Russell, I love what you have to say in this video! We've never met, but I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Greg Laurie and my life has been dramatically changed by Jesus Christ."

The pastor then encouraged him to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus and offered him a prayer:

"Lord Jesus, I want to have a personal relationship with you. I know that I am a sinner and I believe that you died on the cross [for] my sins. I turn from those sins and put my faith in you right now to be my Lord and my savior, my God and my friend. Thank you for hearing this prayer. In Jesus name I pray, amen."

According to The Christian Post, Russell Brand was recently accused by several women of rape, sexual assault and psychological violence. Accusations that he categorically refutes.

These allegations were made public late last year during a joint investigation by The Times, The Sunday Times and Channel 4. He was summoned by London police in November 2023 and subjected to questioning in December , concerning nine cases. Several television channels and media have since ended their collaboration with the star. Brand Russell continues to maintain his innocence in the face of these "very serious criminal allegations" and claims that all of his sexual relationships were "always consensual."

Salma El Monser

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