Palestinian Christians begin to safely leave Gaza

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According to information from All Arab News, at least 25 Christians have already been able to leave Gaza in recent days to go "safely" south and enter Egypt. Others are reportedly on the way, as a four-day truce between Hamas and Israel officially came into effect this Friday. 

“By the grace of God we see signs of hope,” writes Joel C. Rosenberg, Israeli-American evangelical Christian editor-in-chief of'All Arab News (also editor-in-chief of All Israel News Editor's note) in an article published on the site on Wednesday. According to his information, of the 1000 Christians in Gaza, 25 were able to leave the city safely to enter Egypt via the Rafah crossing.

He specifies that they will not stay in Egypt long term because they have obtained visas to travel to different countries.

Still according to Rosenberg, "other Palestinian Christians who also had their visa applications approved are now heading south."

“With the grace of God, they hope to be able to leave the Gaza Strip in the coming days.”

In an open letter published on November 17, the journalist underlined the extreme danger faced by Palestinian Christians in northern Gaza, fearing deadly reprisals from Hamas if they move south. He called for immediate action by Israeli authorities to allow them to reach the West Bank. 

A week after this call, while the situation seems to be unblocking, he believes that "these positive developments" are a response "to the urgent prayers of Palestinian, Israeli, American Christians and other believers around the world."

He also welcomes the agreement between Hamas and Israel for a four-day truce in the fighting, Hamas' commitment to free hostages and the sending of 300 trucks loaded with medical supplies and foodstuffs. in Gaza.

A four-day truce between Hamas and Israel to allow the release of hostages held in the Gaza Strip in exchange for Palestinian prisoners officially came into force this Friday, November 24 according to AFP. 

This “humanitarian pause” negotiated under the leadership of Qatar, Egypt and the United States comes as the war between Israel and Hamas has entered its 49th day. The first releases of hostages (13 women and children) are expected in the afternoon. A total of 50 hostages must be released against 150 Palestinian prisoners for the duration of this ceasefire.

“Given the intensity of the clashes, these developments are remarkable, and we should kneel and thank the Lord,” he said, referring however to “two urgent needs” which persist.

Thus, the journalist calls on Christians to continue to pray "so that during this four-day period, every Palestinian Christian suffering in Gaza can find the help they desperately need to find safety, whether in the West Bank, in Egypt or other countries. It also asks for prayers that "Christian NGOs will quickly find a way to provide food, clean water and medical supplies to Palestinian Christians who remain in Gaza."

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