NBA Star Jonathan Isaac Launches Sneaker Line Featuring Bible Verses

NBA Star Jonathan Isaac Unveils Revolutionary Biblical Sneakers!

National Basketball Association (NBA) Christian player Jonathan Isaac caused a stir by launching a new line of sneakers, featuring Bible verses.

Orlando Magic Christian forward Jonathan Isaac recently launched a line of sneakers aimed at basketball players, marking a turning point in the sports shoe industry, according to the Christian Post. The shoes, named Judah 1 Triumph, are not only designed for athletic performance, but they also feature biblical verses visible on the back of each pair.

On November 16, the first pairs were revealed, with Bible verses inscribed on them such as 2 Corinthians 4:9 and Romans 8:37

The NBA player shared his enthusiasm in a recent post on X.

"Most people saw the 'Judas 1' as a far-fetched undertaking at first. But here we are, the first basketball sneaker with visible Bible verses is now available."

Christian basketball fans will be able to get these shoes starting December 1st. A great step forward towards the integration of faith in the world of professional sport!

Salma El Monser

Image credit: Screenshot/ Twitter 

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