Lauren Daigle named best Christian artist of the year


Lauren Daigle, Christian artist, was crowned best Christian artist by the American magazine Billboard. The artist also won the prize for best female Christian artist for her song “Thank God I do”, released last March. 

On November 19, Lauren Daigle, Christian author, composer and performer, received the title of best Christian artist of the year from the American magazine dedicated to the recording industry, Billboard.

She was also recognized as the best female Christian artist of the year thanks to her song "Thank God I do". In the lyrics of this song of praise, the star affirms that without God, she does not “know who (she) would be”. She also addresses God, asking him to “keep her in (his) hands.”  

"I don't know who I would be
If I didn't know you
I'd probably fall off the edge
I don't know where I would go
If you ever let go
So keep me in your hands."

The “You Say” artist sharing his joy following this consecration and said he was “looking forward to much more in 2024.”

"New creative collaborators, a new producer, new writers and most importantly new friends. Our fans on the road have been so incredible and we can feel their love and energy every night, and to me that connection is inspiring. am incredibly grateful to be able to do what I love and look forward to much more in 2024.” 

Melanie Boukorras 

Image credit: Wikimedia / Creative Commons 

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