“I thank heaven for answering my call”: Simon Castaldi’s moving speech in Welcome to the Monastery


Discover Simon Castaladi's moving speech on his experience in Bienvenue au Monastère. In tears, the young man explains that he met God during this week of spiritual retreat. The last episode of the show will be broadcast this Friday at 21:15 p.m. on C8. 

“I really thank heaven for answering my call, because a few months ago I asked for help.” In a moving speech Simon Castaldi talks about what he experienced during his week at the Convent of Corbara. Faced with the other candidates and the spiritual guides, Brother Baudouin and Sister Catherine, who were also very moved, Benjamin Castaldi's son found it difficult to hold back his tears. 

“I met God”

“Here, there was so much kindness. I was called here and it really was very important to me. You don’t know how much,” continues the young man. He affirms that during this week he met God, a very powerful encounter which helped him to get out of the “black hole” into which he had fallen. “I had lost the thread of my life,” adds the former candidate for the Princes and Princesses of Love. 

"Here, I met God because he answered me. I arrived here because I had really called for help and to get me out of the black hole in which I had been falling for more than a year. I couldn't get out of it, I had lost the thread of my life."


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A statement that echoes what he told us a few weeks ago. Explaining to us that he was going to be baptized soon, Simon Castaldi affirmed that there was really a before and an after for him on the show. “That week really made me feel that there was something more. It really changed my relationship with life, with God,” he continued.

Wake up at 6:30 a.m., no internet, no telephone, a daily life punctuated by prayer, introspection and above all silence. This was the daily life of Simon Castaldi, Fabienne Carat (actress in Plus belle la vie), Clara Morgane (former porn actress now at the head of a cabaret), Delphine Wespiser (Miss France 2012, columnist and host), Paul El Kharrat (former candidate for 12 coups de midi) and Jean-Marc-Généreux (juror of “Dancing with the Stars”), in this reality show with an original concept. For a week, in the heart of the sublime Corbara monastery in Calvi, they discovered the benefits of silence and solitude.

An experience which apparently did not leave them indifferent!

The last episode of the show can be seen this Friday at 21:15 p.m. on C8. 

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