“God changed my life”: the testimony of Yannis Gauthier, robber turned pastor on TPMP

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Invited on the TPMP set Thursday February 8, Pastor Yannis Gauthier testified about his encounter with God when he was in prison. The redemption of this former robber inspires many believers today, touched by his testimony.

From robberies to armed robbery to pastor, Yannis Gauthier shared his story in Touche Pas à Mon Poste (TPMP), a program presented by Cyril Hanouna on C8, Thursday February 8.

Adolescent, young Yannis steals and takes drugs. After a first stay in prison, he began trafficking until the day he returned behind bars at the age of 23. It is his wife Manue, whom he considers to be the "mouth of God", who will lead him to faith. This is how the father of six children met the Lord and a few years later became an evangelical pastor.

On the TPMP set, the pastor testified about his past between drugs and burglaries. Choices which almost cost him his life, he explains having received three stab wounds in the back. “We never come out of these things unscathed” he declared to Cyril Hanouna. 

Yannis Gauthier spoke about the news, denouncing an “escalation of violence” in society. "I wonder if sometimes we think we only have one life. Once we die we don't come back" he added. 

Today a chaplain in prisons, the pastor meets people who may have made the same mistakes as him. The former dealer is there to help them find another path and remind them that their mistakes do not define them.

Before the show, Yannis Gauthier shared a video on his Intagram account in which he revealed his participation in TPMP. This appearance on television is, according to him, a great opportunity to bear witness to his faith and above all, to remember how God “changed his life”!

Melanie Boukorras

Image credit: yannisgautier.fr

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