Clara Morgane and Sister Catherine talk about love and sexuality in Welcome to the Monastery

Clara Morgane and Sister Catherine talk about love and sexuality in Welcome to the Monastery

In the last episode of Bienvenue au Monastère broadcast on C8 last Friday, Clara Morgane and Sister Catherine exchanged confidences on love and sexuality. A new episode of the show can be seen this evening at 21:15 p.m.

Bienvenue au Monastère is a new show broadcast on C8 every Friday. In this original program, Clara Morgane, Delphine Wespiser, Simon Castaldi, Paul El Kharrat, Fabienne Carat and Jean-Marc Généreux take part in the exercise of spiritual retreat within the religious community of the Convent of Corbara in Corsica.

During this quest deep within themselves, the participants are supervised by two religious, Brother Baudouin and Sister Catherine, who guide them with gentleness and kindness.

Last week, viewers witnessed a beautiful heart-to-heart exchange between Clara Morgane and Sister Catherine. The two women, who begin by discussing their common points: they were born the same year and grew up among the Dominicans, also compare their very different backgrounds. “What really differentiates us in the end are our life choices,” Clara emphasizes. 

A discussion which leads them to discuss Clara Morgane's past and in particular her experience of porn, a choice that she considers "special", adding that it was "guided" to her. She then explains that she blames religion for "this refusal, this rejection, this banishment of love" which, according to her, is sexuality, "and therefore life". “And I find that a shame because I think it pushes a lot of people away from religion,” Clara continues. 

Sister Catherine, in return, speaks to him of her choice, that of God, "source of life and love" and of her desire "to be all to God, to be all to all".

"The source of life is love and the source of all love is the love of God. Me Catherine, sister Catherine, the only desire I have is to be all God's, to be all things to all. That is to say, to draw from the source of love to give this love back to all."

Clara replies that she has a hard time talking about God. “What you call God, I call the universe,” she says. The two women conclude this exchange with a mark of mutual respect. “In any case, I recognize a lot of myself in you and I really enjoyed meeting you,” Clara says with emotion. A feeling shared by Sister Catherine who thanks her for her “power of life”. 

Tune in this evening at 21:15 p.m. on C8 to discover a new episode of the show and follow the adventures of Clara Morgane, Sister Catherine and the others!

Camille Westphal Perrier

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