Bolivia: evangelical Christians committed against violence against children


On the occasion of Children's Day in Bolivia, the country's national association of evangelicals published a manifesto addressed to the authorities to denounce the increase in violence against children.

The National Association of Evangelicals of Bolivia (ANDEB), published a document for the attention of the government to promote the rights of children and prevent all forms of violence against them.

According to Bolivian evangelicals, children are of major importance. They denounce the government's lack of attention to this part of the population. 

“End violence against children”

In its letter, ANDEB proposes a departmental strategy to promote the rights of minors in their families, at school, at church or in society in general. The organization thus wishes to “put an end to violence against children” and says it is ready to use “a generous budget” to achieve this. Evangelicals also recall their involvement in providing protection, care and catering services for children.

In conclusion, they affirm their desire to participate in the construction of a society that does not tolerate violations of children's rights. By relying on the Word of God, ANDEB underlines its desire to fight for the dignity and integrity of children from their conception.

Melanie Boukorras 

Image credit: Shutterstock / Ruslana Iurchenko

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