6 tips for reading the Bible with your children


The priority of all Christian parents is to provide for the physical and emotional needs of their children, but above all, to show them the truth and to teach them to base their lives on the Word.

But it is often difficult to compete with TV channels, the Internet, social networks, computer gadgets... So how can our children hang up on this reading of the Bible, at the very moment when everything pushes them to turn away from it. Jon Nielson shares 6 tips he used to teach the Word of God to his children.

1. Choose a regular time and place for this particular moment
In general, children tend to like a certain routine. Starting a particular activity with the family at a specific time and in a usual place may be relevant. For example, reading the Bible could be done a few minutes before going to bed. Over time this will become a habit and a need for the child, such as brushing their teeth for example.

2. Don't be too ambitious
Read small passages, take breaks to check understanding. Of course, the priority is to expose children to the word of God. But the goal is not quantity but rather quality. It is better to ensure that you have understood the passages read correctly.

3. Ask age-appropriate questions
Help them understand, put history in context, apply the teaching of history to their own lives

4. Connect each passage to Jesus
All the scriptures are centered on him. Connecting the passage “of the day” to the main character – Jesus – helps children understand how the scriptures center on him. Indeed in John 5:39, Jesus makes this reproach to the Pharisees: “You search the scriptures, because in them you think you have eternal life: they are they which testify of me. »

5. Establish a dialogue
Even if the passage is short, it can be difficult for a child to take it all in through linear reading. It is important to stop once in a while to explain things and ask questions to make sure the child is paying attention and has understood the Bible passage.

6. Let this Bible reading time inspire prayer time
Our prayers are often based on our needs and desires, when we should spend more time praising and worshiping the Lord. It is often the same for children. It would be spiritually enriching for the child to encourage him to pray on the theme of “daily” reading. Thus the child will be able to develop this communion with God from an early age.


source: The Gospel Coalition

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