43 Nigerian Christians dead in attack on their village


"Most of the victims killed in the attack are women, children and the elderly, as most of them could not escape."

On May 11, the village of Takalafiya in Nasarawa State, Nigeria was attacked by Fulani herders, sources say. Morning Star News. 43 people died, the church was destroyed, houses were burned down.

“One of our pastors, Reverend Daniel Danbeki, and his wife are among the 43 Christians killed in the attacks. And this apart from our worship building which was burnt down and many homes destroyed in both communities,” explains Reverend Danladi Ndoh.

"Most of the victims killed during the attack are women, children and the elderly, because most of them could not escape", testifies Livinus Dandaura, a resident of Takalafiya, "the armed Muslim terrorists and herdsmen fired at random on anyone they saw during the ambush on the village".

For the victims who were able to be taken to a care center, it is financial problems that prevent their care, as explained by Isaac Dabu, who lost 7 relatives in the May 11 attack.

"These Christian victims have been left at the mercy of God, with their medical bills piling up, with no one to offset the bills. (...) A medical consultant at the hospital told me that nothing could be done otherwise medically for the injured, as Nasarawa state government officials made no effort to pay the victims' medical bills."


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