10 verses about money


We spend a large part of our lives working to earn a living wage. However, it is important to have the right approach to money, which should never become an idol. This is a subject that is very present in the Bible, the Scriptures thus offer us a guide to manage our finances and our relationship with money wisely. 

Discover 10 bible verses about money

8 Acts: 20

“But Peter said to him: Let your money be lost with you, since you believed that the gift of God was bought with money! »

13 Proverbs: 11

“An ill-gotten fortune diminishes, but he who accumulates little by little increases his wealth. »

Hebrews 13: 5

“Do not indulge in the love of money; be content with what you have; for God himself said, I will not leave you, nor forsake you. »

Matthew 6: 24

“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the first and love the second, or he will attach himself to the first and despise the second. You cannot serve God and money. »

1 Timothy 6: 17

“Ordain the rich of this world not to be proud and not to put their hope in uncertain riches, but in the [living,] God who gives us everything abundantly to enjoy. »

Ecclesiastes 5: 10

“He who loves money is not satisfied with money, and he who loves wealth does not enjoy it. This again is vanity. »

Malachi 3: 10

“Bring all the tithes to the treasury so that there will be food in my house. Put me thus to the test, says the Eternal, the Master of the universe, and you will see if I do not open for you the windows of the sky, if I do not pour on you the blessing in abundance. »

17 Proverbs: 16

“What use is a salary in the hands of the stupid man? He cannot buy wisdom and common sense! »

1 Timothy 6: 10

“The love of money is indeed at the root of all evil. By indulging in it, some have strayed from the faith and inflicted much torment on themselves. »

10 Proverbs: 4

"He who acts indolently becomes impoverished, but the hand of active people is a source of wealth. »


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