Archaeologists have found tissues and seeds from the time of David and Solomon

Dhe Israeli archaeologists fromUniversity of Tel Aviv, led by Dr. Erez Ben-Yosef, announced Wednesday February 24, the discovery of a collection of fragments of tissues and seeds dated from the time of King David and his son Solomon.

“No tissue has ever been found at the Jerusalem, Megiddo and Hazor excavation sites. This discovery opens a unique window on an entire aspect of life for which we had never had physical proof before. "

This unprecedented discovery therefore makes it possible to lift the veil on the way of life of the Edomites, a semi-nomadic people, enemy of Israel, about 3000 years ago.

“The great variety of fabrics provide new and important information about the Edomites, who according to the Bible fought against the Kingdom of Israel. We found pieces that were simply woven but others richly woven, decorated and dyed, which were certainly worn by the upper echelon of their hierarchical society. This luxuriously woven and decorated quality reveals the high qualification of the craftsmen ”.

Said Dr. Orit Shamir, senior researcher of the Israel Antiquities Authority, who led the tissue study.

The extraordinary find also uncovered what researchers call the treasure of the "seven species".

These are thousands of seeds of 7 biblical species, 2 grains and 5 fruits considered to be unique products of the Land of Israel. Some of the seeds have been subjected to carbon-14 dating, which clearly confirms the age of the site.

“This is the first time that seeds from this period have been found in this state of preservation and in large quantities… With recent scientific advances in genetics, we are now able to reconstruct wine from the time of King David, for example, or to understand the processes of cultivation and domestication that have left traces in the DNA of the seed. "

Said Dr. Ben-Yosef

« Nomad does not mean tailored. This discovery strengthens our understanding of the Edomites as an important geopolitical presence. "

It is in fact believed that the Edomites were the first to exploit the copper mines of Timna. The mining and smelting of copper to produce tools or weapons, were invaluable skills and endowed the one who mastered them with great power. It was cutting edge technology.

To support this “silicon valley” in the middle of the desert, food, water and fabrics had to be transported over long distances.


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