Archaeological find confirms part of biblical history

Recently, an archaeological discovery made in Gezer, an ancient Canaanite city, reminds us of a part of biblical history.

TKings bodies, two adults and a child, were found under ash and mud debris, 3200 years after their city was violently destroyed by Pharaoh Merneptah. They are the precious witnesses of a tragic event recorded in the first book of Kings.

Pharaoh, king of Egypt, had come to seize Gezer, set it on fire, and had killed the Canaanites who lived in the city. Then he had given it as a dowry to his daughter, Solomon's wife.

This archaeological project is led by Steve Ortiz, from Tandy Institute for Archeology and Sam Wolff of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Gezer was an important Canaanite city 2000 years before Jesus. Its location between Mesopotamia and Egypt gave it a strategic commercial and military position.

Steve Ortiz says:

“The adult was lying on his back, with his arms above his head. The child, who wore earrings, was next to the adult, to his left. This room was filled with ash and collapsed mud bricks. One wonders what these people were doing at that precise moment in this building. They were hiding? They were fleeing from the Egyptian soldiers? Did they go back to find valuables inside? "

In another room of this building, a third body was found under a mixture of collapsed stones.

“This individual attests to the violent nature of this destruction,” says Ortiz, “because it is clear that he suffered the trauma of the event. "


source: Haaretz

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