Andrew Garfield: “A priest gave me the tools and guidance to create my own relationship with God. "

Andrew Garfield, who was known in red and blue as Spiderman, had already surprised his audience by playing a young Adventist Christian conscientious objector Hacksaw Ridge, in Thou shalt not kill. It will soon be showing in Silence by Martin Scorsese, which tells the story of the persecution of Christians in XNUMXth century China. Andrew Garfield plays a Jesuit in search of his mentor who has disappeared in Japan, imprisoned and persecuted for his faith.

Lhen preparing for the film, Martin Scorsese wished to immerse his actors in the world of the Jesuits during a 30-day spiritual retreat. The goal is that the actors can learn more about Christ. It seems the goal has been met, as 31-year-old Jewish man Andrew Garfield has returned with what he calls “a deep relationship with God”.

Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver were therefore sent to this Jesuit retreat to prepare for their roles. Their days were devoted to Scripture, Jesuit traditions, and prayer.

"I was filled with all this information and this desire to spread the teachings of Christ, which I really began to worship."

Despite everything the actor of Jewish origin, is still uncertain about his faith.

“I am not a Christian person. I consider myself a pantheist, agnostic, sometimes an atheist, and a bit Jewish, but most of the time confused. "

Father James Martin, a Jesuit priest from New York, was Garfield's spiritual mentor and advisor during the preparation. He helped him have a better understanding of God.

“He gave me spiritual direction as if I were a Jesuit in formation… It became a very personal journey for me. "

During his retirement, the actor walked in a program retracing the life of Jesus, from birth to his resurrection. He was marked by this and seems almost embarrassed by what he found. He even said he was developing “A real relationship with Jesus… It is a sincere process of transformation. "

“A Jesuit priest gave me the tools and guidance to create my own intimate and deep relationship with God.”


source: CBN

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