And here is the PMA again to hide the management of the crisis and satisfy the market!

It is a doctor who speaks. Let us even say that it pushes "a rant". But this doctor is also Archbishop of Paris: Mgr Michel Aupetit, in a tribune at Le Figaro (June 29) rebelled against the hasty, “shameless” return of the bioethics bill to the National Assembly, “which affects to the very essence of our humanity ”.

C 'This is particularly the opening up of the "children's market", by the extension of assisted medical procreation (ART) to couples of women, which motivated this haste. And this "in the name of an alleged equality claimed by people who find themselves in particular situations, which in no way require equal rights, as the Council of State's report clearly said". As feared by the Archbishop of Paris, this passage in force takes place "in the discretion of the month of July", "while our country has just gone through a health crisis which brought it to its knees". And despite the IFOP survey for Marchons Enfants! according to which more than 7 in 10 respondents consider that this bill should be suspended or withdrawn to prioritize the management of the economic and social consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

The deputies who are members of the Special Commission therefore resumed Monday, June 29, the second reading examination of the draft revision of bioethics laws. "The work must be completed Thursday morning at the latest," warned the president of the commission, Agnès Firmin le Bodo (LREM). However, 1200 amendments to the bioethics bill remained to be debated! As a result, the speaking time was reduced to 5 minutes for the rapporteurs, to 4 minutes for the representatives of the groups, to 2 minutes for a deputy having an amendment to defend… Several LR deputies expressed concern, including Xavier Breton, chairman of the parliamentary mission on the bioethics law, which denounced a "sloppy discussion", undoubtedly intended to pull the rug from under the feet of the Senate which is still "in the process of examining the text" as pointed out by a other LR deputy, Thibault Bazin. But the main rapporteur, the deputy of the Rhône Jean-Louis Touraine (LREM) was not afraid to invoke "the health emergency" to justify this haste.

Paradox: although it is a bill, therefore a text tabled at the initiative of the government, neither the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, nor his Secretaries of State, nor Nicole Belloubet, Minister of Justice, nor Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Research, did not come Monday evening for the opening of debates of the Special Commission on Bioethics. Nothing light for a bill which constitutes a "rupture", by the admission even of its principal rapporteur, Jean-Louis Touraine. Would it be for the government to give free rein to the most "advanced" proposals to then appear "moderate" and reassure the bourgeois? Jean-Louis Touraine, for his part, makes no secret of this: the goal pursued by this special committee is not only to take up point by point the modifications already made by the Senate to return to the text voted by the Assembly first. reading, but to make "improvements" to it. In particular the "Ropa" a technique allowing a woman to give an oocyte to her companion so that the latter can, once the ovum fertilized during an in vitro fertilization, bear the child ... The two amendments legalizing this technique have been adopted. "From the moment we withdraw the notion of infertility, underlined the UDI deputy, Agnès Thill (expelled from LREM for her opposition to this bill), we open the door to everyone" - women in couples, single women, heterosexual couples - who will be able, apart from any infertility criteria, to resort to assisted reproduction. Logically, a whole arsenal of techniques will follow, including surrogacy (surrogacy) for male couples. A windfall for the juicy procreatic market! But don't the rights of the child conflict with the so-called right to the child? "No one has the right to a child" had appropriately corrected the Senate. The LREM deputies hastened to remove this mention introduced by the senators. Emmanuelle Ménard, an unregistered deputy, objected in vain: "You create discrimination between children who will have a father and a mother, those who will have two mothers or only one mother", the cause was heard in advance.

Revised by the Special Committee on Bioethics and, unfortunately, given the balance of power, probably adopted next week at second reading by the plenary assembly of deputies, the text will have to go back to the senators (who had radically revised it at first reading but whose corrections were "redacted" by the Commission). However, the Senate will not resume its work until October. Then the deliberations of the joint committee will take place. Finally, if necessary, a final reading will take place in the National Assembly.

Philip Oswald

source: Genethics

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