Organization manages to deliver audio Bibles to confined Chinese

A first delivery of audio Bibles is underway in confined areas in China.

In Shanghai, almost all of the 25 million residents have been confined since the beginning of April. An extreme health constraint that leaves the population struggling to access food and non-Covid medical care. The organization Bibles for China manages to reach the confined faithful by sending them audio Bibles.

“It's a real challenge for the churches; some churches haven't met for a while," says Kurt Rovenstine, adding that "the Church is asking for audio players for the elderly, the illiterate, and the visually impaired, so they can hear the Word of God ".

And it is simply by post that the organization reaches Christians in their homes. A first test is being delivered.

After Shanghai, the threat of containment hangs over Beijing, while China, which has been facing an epidemic outbreak since March, tries to overcome it with its zero Covid strategy.

In Beijing on Monday, there are long lines, sometimes of hundreds of inhabitants, to reach improvised screening tents, where agents in full protective suits were carrying out PCR tests.

If containment has not been mentioned so far, Beijingers have been rushing to supermarkets and online platforms since Sunday to stock up on food products.

"People are apprehensive of the situation," said Ms. Wang, a 48-year-old resident, to AFP, "we are afraid that things will become like in Shanghai (…) we took vegetables, rice and fruits".

In Shanghai, no one knows how long the lockdown will last. In some districts, high metal barriers or fences have even been installed at the door of the buildings, in order to prevent people from leaving.

MC (With AFP)

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