[Opinion] An interesting survey on abortion

In a previous LSDJ (# 1077), we argued that, unlike in the United States, abortion is not a political issue with us. In the sense that no character dares to speak ill of it or simply to speak of its effects. His career plan, his social life even, would be damaged.

THEAbortion, it's a given, or you take the bush. Nevertheless, the story never stops and on the side of the diehards, we always ask for more. Will we soon be able to abort until the 14the week of pregnancy? This question will be debated tomorrow in the National Assembly. It is worn by a former walker, Albane Gaillot, member of the Écologie Démocratie Solidarité group. On this blow, LREM supports its left dissent. Christophe Castaner, relocated at the head of parliamentarians En Marche, indicates that he will vote for this bill, as "A large number of deputies of the majority". One way to send them an instruction.

For its part, the government is showing more caution. He wants both to discard and to tuck in, as shown by the reaction of his spokesperson Gabriel Attal: the executive will argue a "Position of wisdom" while recovering “At the decision of parliamentarians”. In fact, he is awaiting the opinion of the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE), seized on Tuesday by the Minister of Health. This opinion should be given before the text goes through the Senate.

Why this caution, when the executive does not put itself in danger on this subject? The number of abortions reached their highest level in 45 years (232000 in 2019). No doubt he fears the reaction of some of the doctors - who smell the dirty trick. Because fewer and fewer are having abortions. As abortion centers close, it often takes several weeks between the first appointment and the procedure. "We cannot compensate for this by extending the time limit because we increase the risk of the gesture"protested Professor Israel Nisand, President of the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF). His union wants us to "Gives the means to hospitals to receive women in urgent request for abortion, without dragging them". Who can believe that in the midst of the Covid sequence, the rhetoric of means can weigh in this debate? Extending the legal deadline is a way of trapping the medical profession, of telling it that it will not back down. This bill focuses on 3000 to 4000 women " out of time " who would go abroad to have an abortion, mainly in Spain, where abortion is allowed up to 14 weeks, and in the Netherlands (22 weeks).

We can see that this debate does not fly very high. Almost half a century after the Veil law, abortion is only treated from the point of view of its feasibility. A "pro-life" association takes the subject from another end, that of the painless nature of abortion. Both government and feminist associations deny post-traumatic stress disorder. However, a survey of the FIFG commissioned by Alliance Vita says the opposite. Le Figaro echoes this under the title: « 92% of French people consider that an abortion leaves « psychological traces«  difficult for women to live with. " Usually, you know what to think of a lot of polls. These lead the pollster to satisfy the payer, to phrase the questions in a certain way that they are answered in a certain sense. When the results are tangent, the investigation is inconclusive. The response here is overwhelming and all other questions asked on this topic produce results of comparable magnitude. This poll is creating a boomerang effect. It returns the argument of the "Psychosocial distress" advanced by pro-abortion. This blurred distress would justify taking action beyond the legal deadline. The poll says it is abortion that causes distress, especially in the long term. A semantic battle arises around this concept. Will it last? Will it be relayed? Semantics does not mean politics. Gabriel Attal talks about "Wisdom". Everyone will be able to check the definition he gives on this subject.

Louis Daufresne

source: Le Figaro

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