Alliance VITA calls on deputies to reject the bioethics law

The Government maintained the examination in second reading of the bioethics bill from this Monday, July 27 during the extraordinary session of the National Assembly.

AWhen our country has to manage the economic, social and ecological emergencies linked to the health crisis, this increasingly controversial text is examined, in haste, in the heart of the summer, interspersed with a cabinet reshuffle. VITA Alliance denounces the manipulation of living beings included in this bioethics bill :

  • The intensification of prenatal diagnosis with a view to selecting more human beings on genetic criteria
  • The aggravation of the drug baby which supposes a double sorting of the embryos in order to give birth to a child selected to use its cells, with the aim of treating a brother or a sister;
  • The financing by social security of medically assisted procreation for women living with two or single people, without a medical motive for infertility, accompanied by a complete upheaval of the rules of filiation leading to the creation of children deliberately deprived of a father.
  • The creation of human-animal chimeric embryos by adding stem cells from human embryos to animal embryos;
  • The production of transgenic human embryos.

For Alliance VITA, the government, by its stubbornness in pushing through this text, has lost control of the revision process, allowing seriously transgressive practices to which it was opposed to pass through a special committee: the ROPA method, which ends up dissolving the maternity between two women, one a carrier and the other an egg donor, while completely erasing the father of the child, and the DPI-A (preimplantation diagnosis) extended to chromosomal abnormalities such as trisomy 21, high measurement eugenic scope.

For Caroline Roux, Deputy General Delegate of Alliance VITA:

"While the health crisis has made us aware that humanity is as much to protect as nature, the government is stuck in its decision to pass a law which plans to intensify the manipulation of living things, and impacts generations. future, without any precautionary principle. We can no longer rely on the logic of yesterday. Solidarity with the most vulnerable requires putting people back at the center, not manipulating them, or selecting them more, whether at the embryonic stage or later. Let's stop doing anything! It is future generations who will suffer the consequences of such irresponsibility. We call on the deputies attached to the values ​​of humanity, solidarity and true ecology to vote against this text. "

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