Against the “anti-ethics” bill: The mobilization continues!

Press release - La Manif Pour Tous

La Manif Pour Tous takes note of the adoption in 1st reading by the senators of the bill says of "Bioethics", which is in reality neither organic nor ethical. If the principle of PMA without father was not called into question, the text was nevertheless profoundly revised during the examination of the text in public session.

This is obviously insufficient because, as it stands, this bill knowingly deprives children of fathers all their lives and paves the way for the commodification of humans, through the trade in gametes and surrogacy, the supporters of which do not. not hide to claim its legalization or failing that, its recognition in civil status.

The changes made to the text by the senators go in the right direction: elimination of post-mortem ART, elimination of intentional parentage, elimination of the self-preservation of oocytes, elimination of the automatic transcription of surrogacy performed abroad. , non-reimbursement of assisted reproduction without medical reason, ban on chimeras, etc.

"Our massive mobilization in the streets of Paris on Sunday January 19, then in front of the Senate every evening when the text was examined in the hemicycle, clearly showed the power of the opposition to a text which divides society and which does not only dissatisfied people. Some find that the red line has been crossed when others are already in the demand for new transgressions and anti-ethical drifts ”underlines Ludovine de La Rochère, President of La Manif Pour Tous, who attended most of the debates in the Senate. "While the polls indicate that a majority of French people, and a very large majority of young people, want the bill to be withdrawn, La Manif Pour Tous calls on the President of the Republic and his government to show wisdom and ask a gesture of appeasement by withdrawing this text. Otherwise, if the majority persists in its to the end to pass in force, new popular, family and determined mobilizations will take place. As always, they will take place in peace. But the government would be wrong to ignore this social and associative movement on the grounds that it precisely does not cause any disturbance to public order. Contempt is rarely a good policy advisor. The result of the municipal elections could well confirm it, ”she continues.

Press release - The strike for all - 04 February 2020

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