After her suicide, Emilie's parents publish her diary to break the omerta of bullying

Emilie, 17, a victim of bullying in her school, decided to put an end to her suffering by breaking out of the window. After her death, her parents discovered her private diary in which she recounts day after day her ordeal within an institution that is still too often slow to detect the tragedies that are playing out.

En revealing Emilie's diary and allowing the diary The voice of the North to publish it, Emilie's parents wish to denounce the omerta they suffered. They explained to La Voix du Nord that the management refused to “talk about violence or harassment. What interests them is to keep their reputation. "

The young girl, gifted, at the head of the class, with a look less neat than other students, whose sneakers and jeans were not trendy enough, had chosen to preserve her parents and silence her immense suffering. She writes in her diary:

“I didn't want my parents to know how pitiful I was and think I gave birth to pure shit. "

She succeeds. As is often the case with children and adolescents who are victims of harassment, she manages to keep her discomfort to herself and fights daily against attacks from her comrades. However, she puts down on paper the events that punctuate her days. She mentions the fourth floor as a refuge, "where there was never anyone at off-peak hours because no one had the faith to go up to the fourth". For shorter times, the toilets are the escape route.

“The washroom was the only place in that damn college where I was sure I was safe. Even saving 15 minutes of torment from my day would make it less unbearable. "

There remained the ordeal of cutting through the crowd across the courtyard ...

“I felt the eyes of others on me. I could see their smiles as they scrutinized me, I could feel their eyes resting on my old sneakers, my frayed jeans, my turtleneck and my backpack. I heard some 'tramp!' (…) Dodge blows, trifles and spitting. Close his ears to insults and mockery. Watch her bag and her hair. Hold back tears. "

[Update March 17] The State has just been recognized as partly responsible the suicide of another young girl, Marion Fraisse. Marion committed suicide on February 13, 2013, she was 13 years old.

The National Education, the media, parents' associations wish to mobilize more and more to publicize the tragedy of bullying.

The number 1 enemy of families of victims or of educational teams is silence. Detecting the signs of bullying, helping children and adolescents to break the silence, believe them, make them feel guilty about being a victim and put the facts into perspective with regard to the law, are the major issues in the fight against bullying at school. Harassment is punishable by law, the law must be applied, children and adolescents must know their rights and be able to refer to them when necessary.

Since the publication of the newspaper, tongues are loosening again. On the Facebook page of "Partage Info Police", we find since yesterday the moving testimony of Jonathan, victim of harassment who preferred to set himself on fire than to continue living.

Tuesday 27 September, France 3 dedicated its evening bullying by broadcasting a series followed by a debate. The National Education website No to harassment relays initiatives.

We invite you to discover the entirety of this poignant journal to become aware of this drama and try to better understand the unspeakable.


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